John Wax Art

Murals - Fine Art - Faux Effects - Design

John Wax has been designing and painting for over 35 years. With a formal background in fine art and graphic design, John's art is regarded as unique as well as diverse. He believes that versatility in techniques and the ability to create in a variety of mediums has given him the opportunity to work on a multitude of projects within his field. After receiving an Associate Degree in graphic design in 1988, John was recruited by the talented Donald McCorkle, owner of Signs Unlimited. More than a decade later, McCorkle and Wax would launch the company, Creation thru Imagination (CTI), and pursue a business of unique artistic projects that are still visible across the globe. Following McCorkle's retirement in late 2008, John continued to successfully bring recognition to his work as he took his place within the ranks of the self-employed artists.  Recently, John accepted a position with Vivid Ink Graphics/  located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Admired  and award-winning published works of art by John Wax have been showcased in Decor Magazine, American Artist, City Social and Sign Business Magazine. His personal works are represented by Rosalind Tuminello, Lagniappe A&F, and the RRAA.  John resides in Burnside, Louisiana with his wife Robbyn.