Architectural Architectural Faux beams, molding and plaster fireplace 10807004 glazed corbel and column 10806992 corporate aluminum logo distressed as copper 10806993 gold-leaf capital 10806994 epoxy and plywood stove hood with copper/bronze finish 10807005 reinforced plaster fireplace 10806995 barrel ceiling with foam fretwork beams 10806996 foam coffered ceiling finished as black oak 10806997 plaster grape motif for recessed ceiling 10806998 foam ceiling beams to match real verticle cypress beam 10806999 exterior concrete beams textured and glazed 10807000 foam cathedral ceiling beams 10807006 architectural moldings and ceiling 10807021 hi-density coral foam application 10807022 faux coral columns & molding 10807023 plaster fireplace surround 10807007 foam bracket with urethane rubber straps, fauxed and glazed 10807024 reinforced plaster fireplace with coral texture and coffee stain finish 10807025 textured paint and wood stove hood to resemble sandstone 10807026 foam beam and urethane straps 10807008 plaster bar and beams to create various stone and wood effects 10807028 We converted this drab 80's restaurant into an ancient seaside tavern. 12827031 embedded timbers and beams 10836514 Outdated brick fireplace has new surface 10835326 9 ft. reinforced plaster fireplace 11267332